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The Edwards Family Finds Lasting Change

Home & Hope FamilyMeet the Edwards* family. Several years ago, Sherice started a relationship with a man who was from outside the U.S. In order to stay with him, she moved from the U.S. to his home country. An unfortunate outcome of this was that she and her family experienced a rift.

While overseas, Sherice became pregnant with her first child. For support during this time, she returned to the U.S. to be close to her family and delivered her and her partner’s baby boy, Dillon. Later, she returned to her partner overseas and became pregnant with their second child, baby girl, Maelie. She again returned to the States to be close to her family for support.

Instability and Challenges

This series of events widened a rift that had been growing between Sherice and her family. Numerous times, she and her children needed to stay with Sherice’s mother. But their relationship was unstable and Sherice found herself and her children without a permanent home. 

This cycle repeated itself several times, each time leaving Sherice and her toddlers without housing. During all of these changes, Sherice was working full time as a dental assistant, paying her mother some rent and contributing to utilities and groceries. She was working hard to make ends meet but she was overwhelmed.

COVID-19 Effects on the Edwards Family

After leaving her mother’s home, Sherice couch surfed with friends and received vouchers intermittently for motels. But this was no long-term solution for her and her family. To make matters worse, she was laid off from her job due to COVID-19, and because of the glut of unemployment claims, her unemployment benefits were delayed. 

Homeless, jobless, and without income or benefits, Sherice realized she was out of options. It was then that she realized she needed professional support to find a stable home. That’s when she connected with Home & Hope.

Real and Lasting Change

Through Home & Hope, Sherice worked with her case manager to enter transitional housing that provided a safe haven for her and her children, three meals a day, space for her kids to play, and a computer lab for apartment and job hunting. 

With this stability and support, Sherice had the opportunity to truly change her circumstances. Working hard with her case manager, Sherice secured a housing voucher from the county through Abode services, an organization that has developed a proven way to successfully re-house formerly homeless people.

Sherice was committed to making a real and lasting change for her and her toddlers, now two and three years old. Collaborating with Home & Hope, she diligently followed up on housing leads. And as soon as her application for a housing voucher came through, she already had several apartments selected and immediately applied and was accepted at an apartment in Burlingame.

Sherice relied on Home & Hope’s transitional housing for only 70 days before she and her kids moved into their new apartment. 

Through reaching out, checking in, providing emotional support and encouragement, and offering real life benefits, Home & Hope helped Sherice and her family find stability and a place to truly call home.

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* Names have been changed to respect the privacy of our guests.