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Home & Hope Announces Re-Opening of Core Program

Home & Hope is excited to announce that in the September to October timeframe, we’ll resume our emergency rotational shelter program through the generous help of our partner congregations, who have begun to re-open post pandemic.

Pre-pandemic, Home & Hope relied on partnerships with congregations/organizations and county partners to provide emergency shelter, food, and services to help families re-establish their self-sufficiency. However, because the vast majority of these partners closed during the pandemic and are only gradually returning to normal, Home & Hope faces significant challenges in both budget and volunteerism.

“Home & Hope has been hit hard,” said Prinsess Futrell, Executive Director of Home & Hope. “In order to keep our families and volunteers safe, we had to pay for motel rooms and groceries for our families. This has been an immense strain on our budget and we’re not nearly out of the woods yet. But with the gradual re-opening of the U.S., we can resume working with the dedicated volunteers who we depend on to care for our families.”

Recent announcements about the discontinuation of California State benefits created to help those in need during the pandemic — including eviction moratorium and discontinuing unemployment benefits — indicate that it’s likely that there will be a steep increase in homelessness throughout San Mateo County and the state.

Working closely with our host and supporting congregations will be critical to addressing the needs of families who will join the program as their benefits expire. However, with this influx, Home & Hope will need as many volunteers and assistance as possible.

To help Home & Hope recover and meet the needs of homeless families coming out of the pandemic lock down, donate today at or explore volunteer opportunities at