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Resources For Your Family!

We understand the looming threat of an eviction; the fear of uncertainty of how you could provide for your family. At Home & Hope, we work with you at every step of the way. From arranging a place to stay to help you to establish financial stability, we work with you to regain your independence.

Emergency Shelter for Immediate Relief

Through our partners at local churches and county services, we will help to establish a housing plan for your family in the coming months. Our office is equipped with a functional living room, laundry facilities, full restroom suites and office amenities for you to use during the day!

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Financial Assistance for Your Family

Home & Hope works directly with our families to assist them with financial purchases such as food, transportation, and day-to-day living essentials. Beyond that, we also work with financial institutions, local government, and county services to provide additional grants and loan advances to help our families to regain their financial independence!

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Career Guidance for Your Next Move

At Home & Hope, we believe helping families don’t shouldn’t stop at short term assistance. We want to help families to regain their own independence by equipping them with the knowledge and tools they could use for their future employment needs!

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